things i like about 10 different people:

1. I like the way you call me your your little child. It makes me feel protected and little. It makes me feel so loved and it warms up my little heart every time you say it.

2. I've never met you, but I like the way you seem to hate every living thing.

3. Sometimes I think about the way things might look like inside your head. I like that I know someone who's mind might be completely different from everyone else.

4. Your torso and the way you walk.

5. How you always ask about the things people wear and if I think it looks alright, as if you looked up to me. It's funny because I look up to you so goddamn much.

6. I think I simply like how honest your face is. I wonder what your life really looks like.

7. You're so innocent and a little stupid, but I know you're actually very hard-working and a lovely girl. I wish I knew you better.

8. The fact that I can't really understand what you say sometimes, but I simply nod and laugh, nod and laugh.

9. I like how on fridays you usually wish people a "lovely weekend".

10. Your voice and kindness. You're probably the loveliest of them all.


  1. Am I one of them?
    Anyway I hope nr 10 is you since you write such nice things about everyone!

    1. maybe you are, who knows, you could be anyone!
      nr.10 is actually about my favorite bus driver. hehehe, but thank you <3


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