what difference does it make?

Mounting Bloggif

My hair is so dirty its not even funny.
I went flee marketing with mom today.
The sun comes in right through my window.
My dad gave me green Chinese tea.
I should drink more tea.
There is exactly a month left till Hultsfredfestivalen.
I saw someone wearing the same jacket you used to have, just today.
I bought a pair of new Cheap Monday jeans for 20kr.
I'm worried I'm too immature for you.
Animal Collective are too damn good.
My parents read my blog.
I should really get into the shower.
My rooms a mess and I neeed to do my laundry.
Your eyes are too lovely.
I saw that girl I dislike today, her fake red hair annoys me.
I need to be fitter for the summer.
The sun is burning my right shoulder.
I like hugs and kisses and big white beds.

Enjoy your sunday cause its monday tomorrow xx