things that happened today

-i dropped my iphone in the toilet bowl

-i went to the gym with my brother and "bench pressed" for the first time in my life

-i dropped my iphone in the toilet

-i paid money to the state because i did not pay enough taxes last year

-i biked

-i DIDN'T have honey in my oatmeal this morning

-i started cleaning my room

-did i tell you i dropped my iphone in the bathroom? that one thing that only happens to stupid people? yes that ACTUALLY happened and im still not sure how i feel about it



This weekend has felt so strange.
I have this weird anxious feeling in my chest, yet I've had moments of real happiness and it's all so contradicting and confusing.
I guess it always the same, getting obsessed with certain moments and then running them over in my head and wishing they had never ended. I need to learn how to move on and live new days, however corny that may sound.

I don't know really. Then there's you and I hate it that well you can't quite understand this it seems. Why can't you ever be satisfied?