im sick
i dont feel like telling you all my

i dreamed that you crashed my dads car
im so glad you didnt



do me wrong do me wrong do me wrong

on the 14th of June to the 16th of June, I will see:

mumford & sons
the xx
gorillaz ss
marina and the diamonds
james blake
the kooks
bombay bicycle club
the vaccines
miles kane
penguin prison
noah and the whale
noel gallaghers high flying birds
french films
future islands
big deal

so yes, im looking forward to summer.

good night xxxxx



it was a strange feeling.
she laid in bed and missed his touch.
a touch she had only felt once.
she laid in bed and missed his touch.

why did i have to leave?- she asked herself.
she wanted to stay forever.
time wasn't helping.
it all went so incredibly fast.

why is physical contact so important to people?
she had no fucking clue.



Sophies world

I am going to read.
Because I haven't read in a while.
I am going to drink tea.
Because I haven't drank tea in a while.
I'm waiting for the water to boil.
It just finished.

Sophie's World till I fall asleep and some green tea. Those are my plans for tonight.
Sorry for the shitty-pictureless-blogging. I haven't had the time.



shit i do

tell myself to wake up 10 minutes later because i have an art class to go to
fall completely asleep and wake up an hour or so later
retarded me
now they'll think you won't be coming back
got a shot against cancer this morning
my arm hurts
it has been making me feel funny all day
his eyes are lovely
i hate his hair
why don't you talk?
need to study for a subject i am not very interested in
have a lab due in 2 days or so
i really don't think ill be bothered to do it
my arm hurts
your eyes are lovely



You're a godsend, do you want a boyfriend?

Sunday night.
How I hate sunday night.
Oh well, my weekend was quite good. Slept a lot but still managed to have some fun.
Right now I'm playing with my amazingly well done braid and then I will shut this stupid computer down and write down last night dreams. And then sleep.

Today I woke up thinking about how I am almost over you.
Life seems to be getting better, plus:

the weather is getting better
there's only some months left till summer
there's plenty of men/guys/boys/fish out there
my hair is getting longer
i'm going to hultsfredfestivalen
i'm getting a summer job
i'm going to the gym
i'm eating healthier
i'm writing more
i'm drinking just enough
i'm smoking just enough
flee market season is about to start
i can wear shorts relatively soon

And it finally feels like I'm happy once again.

Goodnight beautiful you xxx


cranberry juice popcorn lovely people

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Randoms from my camera. Mostly from last night.

Why didn't I kiss you?

Whatevz. I had a lovely evening with some very very nice people.

Cannnnnnnnnt be fucked to write.
Maybe tomorrow.



i dream of the day we'll wake up together, in the same bed

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I've been eating a lot of yogurt with banana bits and coconut flakes.
I've been worrying a lot about being fit for the summer.
I've been bitting my nails a lot.
I've been having trouble sleeping.
I've been taking some pictures of myself....... ego.
I've drank green tea and talked for some hours with ari.
I've been to an alternative art class with a hawt instructor.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.
I'm still not 100% over your ugly face.
I'm going to sleep a lot.
I'm sitting in my messy kitchen.
I'm quite tired.
I'm going to bed.


shes only seventeen so shes probably not ready

Woke up at around 11 or so and took a long warm shower
Ate breakfast in bed and listened to some lovely music
Got dressed and made my way to school at around 13.20
Enjoyed my busride to school so much. Everything looked so lively and warm.
Kind of what my day looked like.
I got back from school, watched some big bang theory and then fell asleep. Woke up at around 17.00, ate some ice cream and took the bus a few hours later back into town for my first croquis class. It was absolutely fantastic.

Yoga super early tomorrow morning, so I'm off to bed.


forgetful me

My brother let me borrow his little baby (the canon) this whole week.
Fuck yes, I must say.

I hope you all had a lovely week/weekend and did not get too wasted like I might have done.

That is all.
Good night.


One of the things she used to enjoy the most was sleeping with him in his double bed. Kissing softly every once in a while and talking quietly about irrelevant things. And finally falling asleep.

His lips were always soft and he had a unique sent she was crazy about. It wasn't cologne or perfume, it was nothing she could actually describe. Sleeping with him gave her the opportunity to enjoy that strange but lovely smell.

The room they slept in was always quite cold, as it was quite big, with two large windows and no proper heating installed. She always complained to him about being cold, so he would always let her lay down first and then cover her with at least four or five extra blankets. They were all of different sizes, colors and textures.

He would then hop into bed and she would immediately cuddle up against him, trying to warm up his naked chest with her cold hands. For the first couple of minutes, they both always shivered and waited till their bodies got warm. For the rest of the night, it was always perfectly warm under the covers.

She now has a double bed, but she can't share it with him any longer.
He is now probably looking for someone else to share his bed with.


let it out let it out let it all out

Ego picture for the sake of updating this goddamed blog.
I can't find the inspiration to do anything or to write anything or to read anything.....
Ajfksvvdkavdkdba it drives me crazy.
I will find time to write something tonight. I don't like disappointing you lovely readers.



I don't really know what to write about the past few days.
I've been very very tired.
I've been reading things I shouldn't be reading.
I've had a horrible headache for two days straight.
I've bitten my nails.
I haven't gone to the gym.

I still haven't written down my dreams.

Ah I'm such a mess.


tiresome paper dreams, paper dreams honey

Off to the library to study for a test that I will most likely fail.
At least it's sunny outside and I will hopefully see a good old friend tonight.

If you live in sweden, get the fuck off the computer and go get some sun. Take a jacket though, its kinda windy....

Bye gorgeous xxxxxxx


sometimes i still need you

Things I'd like to say to people:

I'm sorry if I always seem to be saying no. I'm sorry if it seems as if I'm not making an effort.
I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say to you. I haven't seen you in a while.
I don't know if it's too soon, I don't want to screw anything up. I'd like to see you more often.

I feel so different about you all of a sudden. You've kept so much from me and you told me things so casually. I was so surprised and so scared at the same time and I don't think you noticed at all. I still can't believe the things you told me, it just doesn't make sense in my head.
I wish you never told me. I wish I didn't know because it's too awful.

The two of you:
I wish you still loved each other. I wish we all still lived under the same roof. I wish we could all have breakfast together and sit there and talk and laugh. I miss it so much.
I would give everything just to see you two together again.
This doesn't feel right and I don't think it'll ever will.

I saw you through my window today.
Your hair is longer.
"Aren't you cold?"- I thought to myself.

You are so smart, so friendly, so amazingly beautiful, so sincere. I'm actually quite jealous of you, but don't worry, it's a good type of jealous. It's kind of like "Damn, I really just wish I was a bit more like you". I really hope you know how truly talented you are.



im stuck to you just like glue, i love you i love you i swear i do

My life right now is so irrelevant that I can't really think of anything to share with you other than stupid tumblr shit. I actually quite hate tumblr.......... stupid hoes that reblog hipster shit and get their pictures rebloged by 1000+ people. Only a very small amount of people on tumblr create their own stuff and post it. The rest of us just reblog random shit cause we think we're cool. Tumblr kills creativity. Thank god I have you lovely blogspot <3

Sorry about the rant. 

Good night x