im stuck to you just like glue, i love you i love you i swear i do

My life right now is so irrelevant that I can't really think of anything to share with you other than stupid tumblr shit. I actually quite hate tumblr.......... stupid hoes that reblog hipster shit and get their pictures rebloged by 1000+ people. Only a very small amount of people on tumblr create their own stuff and post it. The rest of us just reblog random shit cause we think we're cool. Tumblr kills creativity. Thank god I have you lovely blogspot <3

Sorry about the rant. 

Good night x

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  1. I totally agree with you on the whole tumblr thing. i absolutely HATE tumblr.... sigh. stupid hipsters. so funny how everyone on tumblr feels so 'hip' and original. i had tumblr for exactly 5 hours.... i deleted it. and amen, thank god for blogspot.


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