cool stuff i guess

there is just this feeling about sundays

I took a picture in the elevator mirror at 4.23 last night. I suppose I was in bed a little before 5. 

At nine I woke up and thought oh no hangover but not really. I only had a few beers. So finally a night where I more or less drink responsibly (of the few nights I do happen to go out). Other things made me feel as if the night had never happen.

I must have not made any sense when we finally got in to babel; a guy who worked there came up to me and said things about water and sitting down and I just held on to Sidney and said "it's cool I'll be with my friend" and I think the guy said "well we'll keep and eye on you" and so it felt as if I was watched all night. I was just so thirsty the whole time. I remember thinking "just a few more songs and I can get some water" or "you cant possibly die from dehydration tonight sofia". Also I focused more on how hot and thirsty I was rather than the music and the act. Must learn to not be so gone so that getting a jacket in the garderob or whatever isn't a difficult task and so I can dance and enjoy music without being that one person with a jacket in the middle of the dance floor. I mean I guess it was cool but I wish I could do it all over again. But that's not how it works and the present moment is the only one available and well I suppose I need to think about the things I do and their impact on my well being and happiness and whatnot. 

Glad we went last night. But hard to let go of stupid past and remain in present. 

Its stupid to regret not having taken a selfie with this one guy.