This morning

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Had a marvellous burger for breakfast and wearing this pretty shirt bought at Erikshjälpen yesterday. 

Have a good day x


I've been sleeping for forty days and yeah, I know that I'm sleeping cause this dream's too amazing

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1. The mother when she was 20 years old
2. Knee socks and polka dot tights from BikBok 
3. They come undone every once in a while...
4. hIPst3r 4 lyfe 
5. Lund 
6. Secondhand shirt and sweater 

Today was a good day. I thought I had lost my house keys but good thing some wonderful person found them and returned them to the school's caretakers. Thank you, whoever you are. You deserve to live 999999 years of pure happiness and love.

See you later, alligator x


The Green Eiffel Tower

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Still awake relatively late, without mentioning that I was up at exactly 05.46 in the morning. Anyways, I'm over at the father's right now and since there's a poster of the splendid Eiffel Tower, I took some pictures in front of it. You can't really see it, which fails slightly, but it's there, so that should count.  

I'm off to bed now.  
Good night world.

A storm

Picture taken about 30 minutes ago. Dalby was completely dark, and the only light in this picture was from a car going by a few meters away. No editing whatsoever, directly from the camera.

I hope that everyone also thinks this storm is just so wonderful. Too bad the light's back on in my little village, I thought it was all quite cozy. 


Lemon and honey

Sad loser staying at home on the 26 of November, a Saturday night. It's rather lovely, so don't be dissing. Tea with lemon and honey are my companions tonight. That and probably The Catcher in the Rye or some film.

Oh an by the way, where is the snow goddamned Sweden? It's nearly December and not a single snowflake has fallen.

Peace out homies



She was 21 when she first saw him. Standing there, close to the carrots and all those vegtables she never liked. God, those reminded her of all the terrible times she shouted at her mother because she didn't want to eat the "green" bits in the her dinner.

He was nothing like any other guy she had seen before. "There's something about him" she thought "Fuck, now I'm talking like one of those good-looking girls in those cheesy chick-flicks". 

Maybe it was the fact that he was having a hard time deciding whether to pick some carrots from France or Spain, or at least that's what it looked like from where she was standing. He looked rather bothered by it and out of the blue, Karen went up to him and asked if he needed help.

And that was their first conversation, discussing whether carrots from Spain or France were better, even if she had hated veggies since she was a little child. As they talked, she noticed how he looked rather tired and smelt badly of cigarettes and beer. She wondered if he had been out all night and was grocery shopping because he had nothing in his fridge. "What the actual fuck" she thought to herself while he babbled on about his carrots "Why would it matter if he was out last night and now wants some carrots?" Ah, Karen was strange sometimes.

His name turned out to be Samuel. Sadly, she didn't know that this name would 2 years later cause her so much pain.

Le petit project?

I had a proper camera for about a day and a half till the arquitect brother took it away. And all I managed to take were a couple of good pictures and a bunch that I can't really do much with since they're all retarded. But today, I had some impossible homework to do, so I procrastinated instead and did this little video with wonderful music from The Drums. Enjoy.(The homework is still undone by the way)

さようなら x


A perfect state of mind

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What does a good state of mind feel like? And what must one feel to feel alright?

I guess things are kind of normal nowadays and I feel alright. So does normal mean a good state of mind? Ahh, whats normal anyways? Nothing is.
But anyways, I don't think I can really ask for more, I guess I kind of have everything I need to be alright. But why exactly do I sometimes feel like I don't have what I need? It's a sad story really, because (I can guess) I'll never understand. And neither will you if you ever feel like i do, because things sometimes spin the other way around and you're just not happy.

Hope you had a good day,


Clean and wonderful

This shirt is so wonderful I can wear it to sleep in, to go out with and just to relax at home.
Probably my favorite shirt of all times.
Too bad it's not actually mine, but the boy's. He's also so wonderful that I wish I could be with him when I sleep, when I go out and when I just relax at home. But since I don't actually see him as often as I would like, I guess the shirt will have to do.

au revoir x

How long has it been shall we get into it again

Sorry if you come here to see whether something's been updated and you see the same old posts. I haven't been able to post anything relevant and the Italian has been here the whole day. Drank tea and did whatever pleased us. Or sort of...
Proper pictures taken with a proper camera tonight.

ciao ciao x


You're my best friend, but then you died.

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My room. Made a few changes and now it's rather lovely.
On the walls, there's pictures and postcards of things I love. My favourite is a postcard the father wrote to the mother about 25 years ago. It reads:

I have a little bit of time before going to Sonora to send you this little greeting.
I don't know why, but the further away I travel, the more I think about my friends.
I hope that among them all, you're thinking of me.

Sometimes I wish their love was still intact. Too bad things go wrong and humans aren't really like swans after all.

Tell me your favourite things

At school doing useless shit when I should be reading an impossible article to read for some subject I don't care about. Started at 8 and should be stuck here till about 6. Damn it, I just want it all to be over. I can't stand it. 
At least I have a lovely-er room to go home to now, since I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning it up. I'll show you some pictures later tonight.

For now, smoking Leo says ciao ciao x



Found on the back of a public bus seat. Whoever did this, was probably just some hipster who thinks it's too mainstream to write what most teenagers write (their phone numbers and things like: call me if you're horny). Anyways, you can't see it but, this was written inside a triangle with an Eye of Providence over it. Funny kid, the one that did this. This is why humanity is hitting rock bottom.

No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue

Having dinner alone tonight. Orange green tea and some tasty toast. I thought I would share since it looked to lovely on the plate. Tonight: study, some more green tea and sleep.


And if I had a car I would trade in my car

There's nothing to do about being so goddamn broke. Too bad money doesn't actually grow on trees. This dollar with mustachy Georgy and a boner is all the money I have at the moment.. I also owe the mother about 400 swedish krowns.

The weekend's been rather perfect. I just have an enormous amount to study now. O'well.. I will hopefully be able to take some proper pictures of wonderful things with a decent camera sometime soon and stop bothering ya'll with trippy moving images.

ciao ciao x

MONEY by the drums (Click the link and watch the picture move, I could go for hours)


And everything is going to the beat

A relaxing morning after ending school at 9.30 and TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF.

Troubles will be gone

What a long week and right now I'm late for class cos I really can't be fucked. Long and boring school hours and hardly any sleep. Tonight, I say either a cup of tea and some Kazuo Ishiguro or just chill with the boy because I really cannot physically or mentally do more.

Have a lovely lovely weekend, whoever and wherever you are.

Troubles will be gone- here



Wonderful green tea with no sugar or milk, some of this and sadly some math studying to do.
Let's start this whole blogging thing over. Oui oui?