And if I had a car I would trade in my car

There's nothing to do about being so goddamn broke. Too bad money doesn't actually grow on trees. This dollar with mustachy Georgy and a boner is all the money I have at the moment.. I also owe the mother about 400 swedish krowns.

The weekend's been rather perfect. I just have an enormous amount to study now. O'well.. I will hopefully be able to take some proper pictures of wonderful things with a decent camera sometime soon and stop bothering ya'll with trippy moving images.

ciao ciao x

MONEY by the drums (Click the link and watch the picture move, I could go for hours)


  1. Hi! Here's the answer to the question you posted on my blog:

    I bought my treasure in the store where I work: there was a sale/ discount thing: i got for 15 euros. I guess I could buy you one too! If you'd sent me the money, i could sent it to your adress. It would def. be complicated, but a bit awesome too. Let me know what you want!

    You live in Sweden, right? That means you don't have the Euro. Hmm, may be we could do mony transfer?

  2. cool photo!
    i really dig your blog, now a follower :)

    share the love? eye_spy


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