Last minutes in the hotel room

I've dreamt so unbelivably much the past few nights. Must be all the sun I'm getting and the salty water.

Back to sweden in about 12 hours.



i tried to laugh about it cover it all up with lies

Listening to the only "the cure" song I know, while sitting in the hotel room with burnt feet and a burnt face.
I've spent the whole day at the beach with mom, reading a really good book with a title that I can't quite remember right now.

I don't know what to write and I want to get back to my book.

I hope you're enjoying your summer so far



the sand burns my feet
and the tap water tastes a little funny

little fish swim close to my feet
and the sea is crystal clear

greek sounds like italian
but i cant understand a thing

my skin smells of body loation
and always seems to be a little sticky

its all quite expensive
but its all worth it

this place is warm and relaxing
but i wish you were here

i wish it was all like it was before,
laughs, games and smiles

pushing each other into the pool,
drinking lemonade and smelling of that sunscreen

burnt shoulders
and that indoor pool were we used to swim

this place is also nice and mom is just so lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

damn it the mosquitos got into our room



I was in helsingborg with fred from wednesday evening to thursday noon. I took loads of videos of her and ended up putting them all together to the amazing song of "Excuses" by The Morning Benders.

Have a lovely midsummer!
(I'm off to Crete tomorrow, so I might not update till next saturday, unless i get time and free wifi at the hotel)



bam bam bam




haaaaaa haaaa

(the xx)


i still want to drown whenever you leave, please teach me gently how to breathe

I've spent the past two days with arianna.

It's late and I'm tired and I'm listening to the xx because when I close my eyes I still picture myself at their fantastic concert.

It's late and I'm tired and mom crazily booked a flight to greece for saturday but we don't quite know where we will be staying.

It's late and I'm tired and I will be seeing the love of my life Fredrika tomorrow.

It's late and I'm tired and I hope your summer has had a good start.



i dont think i quite remember how i got on the train. or maybe i do.
i sat by the train tracks as the sun hit my shoulders and waited.
i really wanted to find a shop and buy cigarettes,
my bags were heavy and my shoulders hurt.

the train came 5 minutes late.

i sat down on seat 36, vagn 8.

there was a young man on the seat next to mine.
he had relatively long brown curly hair.
he wore a stripped white and blue tee.
he hadn't shaved that morning.
his hands were long and thin.
and he had a little birthmark on his right wrist.

he was on the phone for a little while,
but i cant quite remember his voice.
all i remember was that he mentioned his final
destination was stockholm.

he ate pasta a couple of hours into the train ride.
he had a fork and a knife with him.
and drank fizzy water with his food.

i took out three cookies and an apple as he ate.
i lined up the three cookies in front of me on top of a napkin.
i ate very slowly.

there was another man too.
he sat across me.
he had gorgeous hazel eyes,
but they were closed for most of the train ride.
he had big hands
as well as big feet.
and curiously carried 2 iphones with him.
he also seemed rather worried,
as his bag and jacket were hanging on a rail behind him,
so throughout the entire train ride,
he looked back to make sure his things were still there.
did he think i would take his things when i stood up
and walked to the bathroom?

i wish i had taken a pen with me 
i would've written a lot more

this is all i can remember
this is how i entertained myself during a 6 hour train ride



back home from hultsfredfestivalen

i would love to show pictures but i took a disposable camera with me and i wont be able to show them till i go and print them out somewhere in town

im quite tired right now but to sum it up the xx made the whole thing so goddamn worth it

they were so good i cried at the bloody concert, first row and all

i hope you've had a good week!



its 2.27 according to that metal thing by the window
my neck hurts and ive bitten my nails again.

theres some words written on the top part of my left hand
i think i can sort of read "amy, vodka"

did i mention my neck hurts?
i wonder if it is because my body hurts when i hurt someone in return.

did i hurt you?

i can see some cupcakes on top of the oven
mom made them earlier today.

the metal thing says 2.30 right now
three minutes have passsed and they will never come back


and that is why time scares me so much
because what i experienced today, will never ever happen again

or at least not in the same way,
3 minutes ago is already part of the future.

my mouth feels slightly dry,
and my throat hurts a bit

if i think about it, my head is also in pain
and my eyes seem to grow smaller and smaller as the minutes go by.

schools soon over and i want to wear shorts,
i want to sit in the park and enjoy the sun,

eat icecream and maybe drink wine,
stare at the sky and finally see no clouds.


no more clouds.

the metal thing says its 2.34 am,
but now that i think about it, the thing is actually 5 minutes ahead.

does that mean that i'm in the future?
i like to believe it does

it also simply means that i should go to bed
and rest my crazy tired mind

x x x

stop the tick of time, get off this situation and feel fine

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I'm sitting on my bed. Finally a bed with proper sheets on.
I had been sleeping with sheets far too little for my bed and a rough douvet.
The sheets for my bed had been lying in my mom's room because I hadn't been fucked to fix my bed.

I sort of just woke up, as I was quite tired around 8, so I decided to sleep.
I got up again because I need to finish some stuff for school.
When I woke up I had two texts from you.

Hultsfred is so close, in less than 48 hours I will be camping in the middle of no where with lovely people.
I will hopefully not be sick.
And I will hopefully enjoy myself too.

I can hear my brother laugh every once in a while.
It's lovely.
He's graduating the same day as I leave for Hultsfred.
I think I wish I hadn't gone to hultsfred, because I know he's a lot more important,
than a couple of drunken days at a dirty festival.

Dad bought me a sandwich and a drink at 7eleven today.
We walked around novalund and made stupid jokes about chairs.
I love him and I wish he was in my life a little more often.




The weather hasn't really gotten any better.
And I have nothing to wear.
I want to wear shorts and thin tees.

My dad came to Dalby today.
He walked in and showed me a green apoteket bag.
He took out some cotton and some cream and cleaned my face.

My dad is crazy.
But he is also the smartest person I have ever met.
And it is impossible to describe how much I need him in my life.

My brother was also there,
and he was showing off some converse he got in new york.
He asked mom what she thought of them and she said, "Oh, they're lovely".

Twenty minutes later, my mom asked whether pepe had gotten new shoes.
I looked at her and said, "Mom, you must be kidding with me......"
She's a wonderfully sweet woman, with a horrible memory.

Too bad Alex is out and about doing the hell knows what.
He would've probably also said something stupid,
and we would've all laughed.

My neck hurts a bit, from sitting on this bed
and typing on this laptop.
I should go to bed.

I hope you had a lovely thursday xxxxxxx


tuesday numero dos

things in my mind:

yeah, its pretty clear

otto and ogge if youre reading this,  get off the internet and do something better with your life <333333333

have a lovely day



so im sitting in my messy kitchen on a friday night laughing at how much i can hate people at times.
or dislike to the point where it just sadfoasdfadsf hurts my chest. like okay
the issue is
someone said "omg picasso sucks, like he couldnt draw, he was so bad, anyone could do that".
im sorry
but i just cant actually like, look at this person the same way anymore, specially when this persons meant to be "artistic"
i tend to keep this shit to myself but im sorry, i needed to let people know.

i have seen so so so so much picasso in my life, that it is impossible for me to actually hear from people that he sucks. IM SORRY BUT I cant. i cant. it just hurts inside. right in the childhood.

picasso is considered to be one of the most amazing painters of history and fuck yeah they are right. like, have you even seen his shit? the guy was crazy but his things were so fucking good. please, just like, dont talk to me about art. cause you really are nothing compared to him, not in a million years would you do the same shit he did in a day.

thank you

here you have some of his mind fucking blowing shit.

okay so you will never be forgiven
 i cant take people who say this sucks and disrespect one of the best fucking human beings in the existence of this planet

 have a nice friday night xxxx