its 2.27 according to that metal thing by the window
my neck hurts and ive bitten my nails again.

theres some words written on the top part of my left hand
i think i can sort of read "amy, vodka"

did i mention my neck hurts?
i wonder if it is because my body hurts when i hurt someone in return.

did i hurt you?

i can see some cupcakes on top of the oven
mom made them earlier today.

the metal thing says 2.30 right now
three minutes have passsed and they will never come back


and that is why time scares me so much
because what i experienced today, will never ever happen again

or at least not in the same way,
3 minutes ago is already part of the future.

my mouth feels slightly dry,
and my throat hurts a bit

if i think about it, my head is also in pain
and my eyes seem to grow smaller and smaller as the minutes go by.

schools soon over and i want to wear shorts,
i want to sit in the park and enjoy the sun,

eat icecream and maybe drink wine,
stare at the sky and finally see no clouds.


no more clouds.

the metal thing says its 2.34 am,
but now that i think about it, the thing is actually 5 minutes ahead.

does that mean that i'm in the future?
i like to believe it does

it also simply means that i should go to bed
and rest my crazy tired mind

x x x


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