so im sitting in my messy kitchen on a friday night laughing at how much i can hate people at times.
or dislike to the point where it just sadfoasdfadsf hurts my chest. like okay
the issue is
someone said "omg picasso sucks, like he couldnt draw, he was so bad, anyone could do that".
im sorry
but i just cant actually like, look at this person the same way anymore, specially when this persons meant to be "artistic"
i tend to keep this shit to myself but im sorry, i needed to let people know.

i have seen so so so so much picasso in my life, that it is impossible for me to actually hear from people that he sucks. IM SORRY BUT I cant. i cant. it just hurts inside. right in the childhood.

picasso is considered to be one of the most amazing painters of history and fuck yeah they are right. like, have you even seen his shit? the guy was crazy but his things were so fucking good. please, just like, dont talk to me about art. cause you really are nothing compared to him, not in a million years would you do the same shit he did in a day.

thank you

here you have some of his mind fucking blowing shit.

okay so you will never be forgiven
 i cant take people who say this sucks and disrespect one of the best fucking human beings in the existence of this planet

 have a nice friday night xxxx