i dont think i quite remember how i got on the train. or maybe i do.
i sat by the train tracks as the sun hit my shoulders and waited.
i really wanted to find a shop and buy cigarettes,
my bags were heavy and my shoulders hurt.

the train came 5 minutes late.

i sat down on seat 36, vagn 8.

there was a young man on the seat next to mine.
he had relatively long brown curly hair.
he wore a stripped white and blue tee.
he hadn't shaved that morning.
his hands were long and thin.
and he had a little birthmark on his right wrist.

he was on the phone for a little while,
but i cant quite remember his voice.
all i remember was that he mentioned his final
destination was stockholm.

he ate pasta a couple of hours into the train ride.
he had a fork and a knife with him.
and drank fizzy water with his food.

i took out three cookies and an apple as he ate.
i lined up the three cookies in front of me on top of a napkin.
i ate very slowly.

there was another man too.
he sat across me.
he had gorgeous hazel eyes,
but they were closed for most of the train ride.
he had big hands
as well as big feet.
and curiously carried 2 iphones with him.
he also seemed rather worried,
as his bag and jacket were hanging on a rail behind him,
so throughout the entire train ride,
he looked back to make sure his things were still there.
did he think i would take his things when i stood up
and walked to the bathroom?

i wish i had taken a pen with me 
i would've written a lot more

this is all i can remember
this is how i entertained myself during a 6 hour train ride

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