Everybody does it


I just farted in the car ( we are on our way to Walmart ) and gladly no one noticed/made a comment. 

Close call.

Right now, hit me baby one more time is blasting from the speakers, and Ellen is singing along. 

I love this family, I love california. 



in no chronological order

I have 3 weeks left here. Which happily still feels like quite a long while. On Sunday, last weekend, we ate at a very traditional Chinese restaurant. The food was excellent.

On my birthday, which was this tuesday, I took a hot bath and read a book about running.

Yesterday, we saw a plane writing words in the sky.

Delicious and beautiful onion and tomato pie the Little One and I baked.

Jenny loves sushi. And so she comes home with fresh sushi at least once a week. She knows my favourite is brown rice salmon and avocado rolls.

/21 days left