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I finally got around cleaning my room, so I took a few pictures of the spots that now look nice. I started by doing absolutely all of my laundry, hoovering and mopping the floor. It's still not done. I sit here with a hammer by my feet, a thousand and two things on the window sill, an ikea bag filled with clean clothes that need folding and plenty of varied objects just laying on this very wooden floor.

Hopefully it'll be nice and organized by the end of the week.



cabello hår hair pelo

i need a haircut but i have 8 "usable" krowns on my account



forever isnt for everyone



Barcelona. Full of tourists and good food. All in all had a wonderful time with wonderful Ari.



why did no one tell me

lol why why why why

still ugly
at least now got eyebrows
thank whatever god/force so that i have been able  to get eyebrows again

also work in progress = more eyebrows more better (getting there guys calm down dont be afraid)

but then again
(old picture good message)

and as always



i need to be out of the house in twenty

work today
barcelona yesterday

just why