At dad's place, trying to get some homework done.
As much as I would like being here, I don't.
I really can't bring myself to like her, even after all these years.
There could be so much shit I could say about her but I won't cause it's rude and it won't help at all.

"Blah blah blah Brazil brrazil, eu seu muito melhor que você" Yeah yeah, yeah.

I'll write something better in a few hours once I've sent in my homework.

Puss puss 

update: ahhh im sorry but she's such a little sakjdbnasd



things i despise right this second:

-business and management research proposal
-swedish public mail
-not having my shoes here yet
-dad's carelessness
-mom's loud computer playing art attack over and over and over and over again
-not having my shoes
-being at school
-scanners stupid scanners
-mom who is still watching art attack
-and scanners dumb scanners/printers that make a lot of noise all the time and make you think they're scanning but they arent doing anything at all whatsoever

/sofia who was going to post something scanned but then it didnt work


sofia sounds strange when i say it

My name is Sofia and I am a 16 year old girl living in the country of sweden out of all the other 220 countries on this planet (according to wikipedia).

I was born in Mexico and raised there till the age of 7, when we moved to Brazil where everything was green, the rain was scary, we had a pool, we had a dog (kim, a labrador with golden fur) and when people spoke Portuguese they sounded like they were singing. I have also lived in Madrid and I can't wait to visit sometime soon.

I have a mother and a father and luckly two adorable brothers (jose, alex)  who I would do anything for.
My parents have now been divorced for 3 years (4 maybe?) and I dont think I'll ever stop dreaming of the days when they were still married. Having long brunches on sundays and going to museums over the weekends. Barbequing in the garden and watching a movie all together.

I will finish highschool in may 2013 and I do not know what I will do afterwards. It's a bit scary to be honest.

I like having clean white sheets on my bed. I also like having a nice organized bedroom but I find it difficult to not make a mess after just a couple of days.

I am currently pretty much crazy about my lovely alex (note: not my brother) and I wish it was still summer so I could see him more often. School has just started and I can feel how I won't be able to see him as much. He has green eyes and wears nice shirts.

[to be continued]




I went to malmöfestivalen this week with mom and my brothers.
We saw a girl on the big stage who in my opinion couldn't really sing.

I'm doing my laundry and organizing my school diary.
I found another spider in my room today.
Mom has been scaring me and saying that it's because i leave my window open at night, and spiders crawl in.
She said that there might be a spidernest in my room. Well done me.




i was mistaken.
things really did get better, they took a while, but they got better.
things are starting to get more tricky in school, but it's really only for another 6 months.

he's perfect.
the way he talks and laughs.
his noisy floor and that strange window in the living room.
the way the bathroom soap smells.
the green walls.

it's all so surreal, 5 months ago the thoughts in my head still seemed pretty depressing.
that awful physical pain that had no remedy.
the sleepless nights. 

there are still sleepless nights, but happy ones.
"what do you wanna talk about?"

/sofia currently fixing header and some pictures from mf



i start school relatively late tomorrow and i have just come back from malmö.
there were so many people everywhere; talking, laughing, dancing and god knows what else.
there were people on the bus too. so loud. too loud. too little space. not enough air. no silence.

school seems okay. at least so far, although i keep hearing myself tell alexander that i hate it and i want to go home. thats probably how i really feel.

quite a few new "kids", who all look confused and don't quite know where to go.
they all go in these little awkward groups, not really talking to each other, i mean some have probably just met.
some girls are a little too overdressed and some little boys talk a little too loud. i guess everyone goes through something like this at at least one point in their lives. fitting in and stuff.

i dont know how to end this post.



getting sick
too little sleep

will write tomorrow about my lovely lovely weekend.



what do i stand for

ahh buying new shoes has been around in my head all evening.
jeffreys, adidas, some other jeffreys or some crappy nelly shoes.
irrelevant and superficial.

today i also rinsed my garderobe and threw away lots of clothes.

last day with my kids tomorrow. i fear the little spot they now have in my heart might break into tiny little pieces. 

i hope you had a nice day xx



i've been quite busy at work.
i love my kids.
and little andreas.
two more days and i'll probably never see their faces again.

i've been annoyed at the way i eat,
and once again i need to start working out sometime soon.

alex is perfect.

i've forgotten my phone at aris.

i've been wanting to write more on here,
and i will, once i start school.

i want new clothes, new shoes and a new bag.
money is all i really need.

whats on your mind?

/sofie (what noomi calls me)


this sucks

hes mad at me and i feel bad about it
i also dont know what to do

i do shit like this all the time
but i feel like people should understand me

ive decided to sell all my clothes
and start over

im tired of the way i dress and the way
i am,

i cant quite change the way i am,
so i guess i'll change what i can.



World War 2.


in other words until the end of times

i want to write but i should probably go lay in bed and read that stupid book i need to read for school
i dont feel like using full stops or spellchecking this and i dont want to use comas either so i wont