this sucks

hes mad at me and i feel bad about it
i also dont know what to do

i do shit like this all the time
but i feel like people should understand me

ive decided to sell all my clothes
and start over

im tired of the way i dress and the way
i am,

i cant quite change the way i am,
so i guess i'll change what i can.


  1. Don't change.

    1. ahhhhh i cant possibly change anyways.

  2. Change is good, although it doesn't feel good. Staying the same your whole life is a curse.

    1. Don't listen to this twat.

    2. hmm i do quite agree. but maybe it's actually impossible to change entirely. in one way or another we'll be the same throughout our entire lives.

  3. Do not ever dress for someone else, dress for yourself and who you are. Changing yourself and the way you choose to dress for someone else is just, well you will never feel comfortable in what you wear, no matter what you tell yourself.

    Change is good, the feeling is great, like the feeling you get when accomplishing something you've always wanted to do or try, but this time i can't help think that it's not the change you want to make in your life. :)

    1. Thank you for taking your time and writing this. I read this a while ago, but I haven't been able to come up with a good answer. I dont even know if you needed one?

      Anyways, I'm still most likely selling all my clothes this week. I guess it might not actually be because i want to change but because im tired of my garderobe and i need better quality clothes. dont worry, i'll probably still look the same.

      take care x


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