The weather hasn't really gotten any better.
And I have nothing to wear.
I want to wear shorts and thin tees.

My dad came to Dalby today.
He walked in and showed me a green apoteket bag.
He took out some cotton and some cream and cleaned my face.

My dad is crazy.
But he is also the smartest person I have ever met.
And it is impossible to describe how much I need him in my life.

My brother was also there,
and he was showing off some converse he got in new york.
He asked mom what she thought of them and she said, "Oh, they're lovely".

Twenty minutes later, my mom asked whether pepe had gotten new shoes.
I looked at her and said, "Mom, you must be kidding with me......"
She's a wonderfully sweet woman, with a horrible memory.

Too bad Alex is out and about doing the hell knows what.
He would've probably also said something stupid,
and we would've all laughed.

My neck hurts a bit, from sitting on this bed
and typing on this laptop.
I should go to bed.

I hope you had a lovely thursday xxxxxxx

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