A perfect state of mind

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What does a good state of mind feel like? And what must one feel to feel alright?

I guess things are kind of normal nowadays and I feel alright. So does normal mean a good state of mind? Ahh, whats normal anyways? Nothing is.
But anyways, I don't think I can really ask for more, I guess I kind of have everything I need to be alright. But why exactly do I sometimes feel like I don't have what I need? It's a sad story really, because (I can guess) I'll never understand. And neither will you if you ever feel like i do, because things sometimes spin the other way around and you're just not happy.

Hope you had a good day,

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  1. Haha my best friend always tells me that I should stop questioning why I'm happy or in a good mood & just be happy or in a good mood. Nice pictures.


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