She was 21 when she first saw him. Standing there, close to the carrots and all those vegtables she never liked. God, those reminded her of all the terrible times she shouted at her mother because she didn't want to eat the "green" bits in the her dinner.

He was nothing like any other guy she had seen before. "There's something about him" she thought "Fuck, now I'm talking like one of those good-looking girls in those cheesy chick-flicks". 

Maybe it was the fact that he was having a hard time deciding whether to pick some carrots from France or Spain, or at least that's what it looked like from where she was standing. He looked rather bothered by it and out of the blue, Karen went up to him and asked if he needed help.

And that was their first conversation, discussing whether carrots from Spain or France were better, even if she had hated veggies since she was a little child. As they talked, she noticed how he looked rather tired and smelt badly of cigarettes and beer. She wondered if he had been out all night and was grocery shopping because he had nothing in his fridge. "What the actual fuck" she thought to herself while he babbled on about his carrots "Why would it matter if he was out last night and now wants some carrots?" Ah, Karen was strange sometimes.

His name turned out to be Samuel. Sadly, she didn't know that this name would 2 years later cause her so much pain.