One of the things she used to enjoy the most was sleeping with him in his double bed. Kissing softly every once in a while and talking quietly about irrelevant things. And finally falling asleep.

His lips were always soft and he had a unique sent she was crazy about. It wasn't cologne or perfume, it was nothing she could actually describe. Sleeping with him gave her the opportunity to enjoy that strange but lovely smell.

The room they slept in was always quite cold, as it was quite big, with two large windows and no proper heating installed. She always complained to him about being cold, so he would always let her lay down first and then cover her with at least four or five extra blankets. They were all of different sizes, colors and textures.

He would then hop into bed and she would immediately cuddle up against him, trying to warm up his naked chest with her cold hands. For the first couple of minutes, they both always shivered and waited till their bodies got warm. For the rest of the night, it was always perfectly warm under the covers.

She now has a double bed, but she can't share it with him any longer.
He is now probably looking for someone else to share his bed with.


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