You're a godsend, do you want a boyfriend?

Sunday night.
How I hate sunday night.
Oh well, my weekend was quite good. Slept a lot but still managed to have some fun.
Right now I'm playing with my amazingly well done braid and then I will shut this stupid computer down and write down last night dreams. And then sleep.

Today I woke up thinking about how I am almost over you.
Life seems to be getting better, plus:

the weather is getting better
there's only some months left till summer
there's plenty of men/guys/boys/fish out there
my hair is getting longer
i'm going to hultsfredfestivalen
i'm getting a summer job
i'm going to the gym
i'm eating healthier
i'm writing more
i'm drinking just enough
i'm smoking just enough
flee market season is about to start
i can wear shorts relatively soon

And it finally feels like I'm happy once again.

Goodnight beautiful you xxx