4 questions

Are you in love?
No, I am not.
I think sometimes I am, but I'm not. Maybe I will be, I hope so, cause its so lovely. To want to be with the same person, all the time, doing absolutely nothing is probably one of the nicest feelings out there.

What is your favorite band/artist/music right now?
I actually don't know. I listen to music everyday on the bus, or in class, but I don't think there's anything right now that I cannot stop listening to. I think I listen to music mostly in the winter, when I can't go outside and enjoy the sunshine or sit in the park with people. Instead during the winter, I sit and listen to music about the things I will be doing in the summer. Does that make sense? asjdbsad I dont make sense.

Have you and the boy you're writing met up/kissed?
I write about lots of boys/men/guys. So I'm not quite sure about who you're talking about. '
I guess I have met him, plenty of times. Quite often actually.
I've kissed him lightly on the lips actually. I think I started thinking about him after that night.

Who is he? 
This is actually a very difficult question to answer. I guess he is a lovely guy. I always sit and wonder: "Would it be too weird if I just hugged you right now?" but then I think "Yes it would be. Contain yourself, sofia".

Whats the first letter of his name?
Why the need to know exactly who he is? Isn't it much better to wait and see? To maybe figure it out? Lets not ruin the fun!

How old is he?
Definitely not too old. I'm not too sure actually, slightly older than me. Everyone's older than little me.

I should do homework now.
Friday tomorrow xxxxx