why cant shit just be normal

I have so much school work to do its not even funny.
I just wished I didn't have to do any of it so I could finally let go and enjoy the beginning of the summer.
But noooooo, lab shit report, retarded english essay, retarded english speech, some annoying group presentation, book reviews in a language I cant write in and more and more and more shit I do not want to do.

I just want to lay in the sun and read a good book or socialize with people that (dont) like me.
I just want to wake up whenever the fuck I feel like it.
I just want to be able to sleep as late as I want.
I just want to come home late everyday because the sun doesn't set till 9.
I just want to finally get done with school and enjoy my goddamn summer.

Better get started with all the shit I've got to do then.
ciao x

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