oscar always comes back

"Have you ever had a crush on a younger guy? I want to know so I don't seem like such a pedophile."

Hahaha, this is funny because I have, probably plenty of times. I think a bit ago I wrote about Oscar, a boy I was absolutely crazy about when I was 11 or so (he might have been 9), if you're interested read it here.

Anyways, j was more than half a year younger than me and in the end I was absolutely madly in love with him. I must admit he seemed a little immature sometimes and I got annoyed at him because he acted quite stupid, but then again guys also take waaaaaaaaay longer to man up. 

But yeah, you're basically not a pedophile. But just be ready to be like "wtf are you doing?" when he does weird things.

I hope you have a fantastic day xx