the desk where you sit

This week:
Monday, Valborgs.
Some parts are complete blurs, some parts were horrible but most parts were absolutely wonderful. I spent my day in the sun, with wonderful people and always a little intoxicated.
Tuesday, 1st of may.
You woke me up and told me I had overslept. I laughed and still felt a little drunk.
We had breakfast standing in the kitchen. Went home together and talked about irrelevant things, I went home smiling. 
Wednesday, back in school.
Dunno. Cant remember.
Irrelevant too?
Friday, finally.
Superbowl, a little tired. Cake party with lovely people and some laughs.
Yoga with dad. 
Woke up, ate oatmeal, played videogames, ate lunch, slept with the sun on my body. Woke up. Now.

Going to try to be a little productive and get some school work done.
(first off to continue with my nicotine addiction)