You looked very nervous and suddenly you seemed so much younger,
I loved that I got to see that side of you.

I danced a waltz with hana and talked about boys. It was sunny and warm and perfect.
I ate ice cream with some boys and went home. The bus was very warm.

I cuddled up in a bed with no sheets and fell asleep like usual for two hours or so.
I got on the bus at 4 or so and ate subway with mom in town.

We went to see the spring exhibition of the architect school in lund,
my brother gifted me two round plastic pieces. And a little mirror.

I ate peanuts, strawberries, grapes and drank awful beer.
Mom was tired and we got on the bus back to dalby.

I'm sitting in my room listening to the vaccines
and my mom, dad and brother are sitting in the living room discussing I don't know what.

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Have a great week!

little sofia xxx


  1. I am not one to say this regularly to people, especially people I don't know and also this is really lame since I'm a guy and you have probably heard this from a million other people but you are very beautiful and you seem to be very smart though not knowing it, so basically that guy is just fucking clueless or blind if he can not see the beautiful and intelligent girl that you are.
    Sincerely, anonymous

    1. How lovely you are anonymous. I hate how the internet gives you the opportunity to not tell me who you are, because it really does suck not being able to somehow thank you personally and make sure that you know that i really appreciate you writing to me. Maybe you wont see this, as you will get no notification, but if you do, thank you so very much. I hope you have a wonderful life because yes, you are lovelyyyyy xxxx

    2. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to reply to me as I had done when I was writing my honest opinion of you, though I do know you and we used to be close, I don't see the point in telling you who I am, otherwise my opinion would mean nothing to you, but just basically me giving you a compliment and hoping for a hug or equally useless compliment in return
      Sofia, have a lovely life. Avoid all of the superficial shit in life.
      I'll try to give you my opinion often since I enjoy reading your blog and I don't want you to feel that you are writing this blog so no one can read it
      Have a good week
      Sincerely, anonymous


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