hiding place

You know what the weirdest thing is?
You dream about a certain person the entire night and just as you wake up you talk to them. To the real them. It so fucking strange. It's like, well haven't you been here with me the whole time?
This happened just like, less than 30 minutes ago. It was lovely, because it was you.
Although it was also a little sad, because the part I liked the best was the dream.

Haven't updated the past few days because I haven't actually made the time and I apologize.

Right now I'm sitting in my messy room, with the curtains closed but the window slightly closed. My hair's a mess and I'm starving but I felt like I needed to write a little bit.

I was with Fred last night. Shes so beautiful and so amazing and I just wish that she hadn't left me 2 long years ago. My life would be much different is she was here with me. Things with him wouldn't have been as tough and  she would've said the right things at the right times. I miss you Fred, more than you really think.

This is the second night I dream about you. I can't quite remember last night's dream, but I'm pretty sure I kissed you. And I kissed you tonight too. And we walked together as you had your arm around my shoulders. And ohhhhh how I wish reality was a little different.

I'm really hungry but I don't know what to have for breakfast....... kdsnsadkmasd
Imma go sort myself out and stick some food in my mouth.

I'll update tonight too
Have a lovely lovely day!