I miss you
I don't know what happened to you
When did we lose you?
I feel selfish when I ask for attention,
Because you need it more,
You should get it all.
I don't want to lose you forever,
Please don't do anything stupid,
I can't imagine it.
My entire body feels like it might break,
Just thinking of what is going through your brain.
I feel so helpless
So stupid and young,
Why can I not help you at all?
I wish you weren't so amazingly brilliant,
Because whatever got you,
Is making you throw it all away.
Why can I not help you at all?
All I want to do is hug you and tell you,
"Please be okay, please be fine"
There's no words to explain
How much I care
But how useless I feel when I can't help.
I wonder if you know at all
How much you we all love you
Your smile, your eyes and your lovely laugh.
I miss you,
I wish I could make you be fine.
Be here with me forever. Don't dare leave me.