And I can't lift you up, my minds tired

Everything in between his hands and the strange color of his hair.
Everything in between tears and screams that don't happen at home any more.
Everything in between the morning tea and the picking on fries at Max.
Everything in between the old streets of lund and the pigeons flying in the sky.
Everything in between the ugly clothes and the stressed out human-being.
Everything in between dirt on the floor and whatever else you might find in that white room.
Everything in between romy's beautiful voice and the melancholic mecano songs.
Everything in between everything you find me.

/whats in between you and everything else?


  1. From what has been gathered all I can seem to tell while you're writing that you and this person are doing sexual "favours" for eachother and if this is so, stop before someone gets hurt, though if it is a serious relationship carry on doing so and I wish you the best of luck.


    1. ohhh wow no no no, like no no no. All I can do is laugh at this, I guess I'm sending out the complete wrong message. I should probably change that.... I'll definitely be more careful with that. But thanks anyways, have a lovely day xxx

    2. oh god now i feel like really embarrassed....... that wasn't meant to be sexual at all. i really hope not many people read that, oh jesus so embarrassing.

    3. Oh shit sorry, I just assumed since you describe the smell of the person, you spend a lot of time with this person and since you have posted a picture of him shirtless, my apologies sorry for taking you the wrong way


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