Things I saw today:
-Red velvet pants
-His face
-Horribly dark clouds
-Rain drops on my jacket
-Stains on a black top
-Mom's disapointed face
-Step moms typical jelous frown
-Viktors smile as I smiled at his little baby face
-My drawings in the school bathrooms
-His face again
-Some strange shoes

Things I heard today:
-The songs his brother used to play
-My dad complaining
-Alex's lovely comforting voice
-Him talking in swedish
-Chopins Fantasy Impromptu
-Her voice which I strangely like
-A man's very loud breathing sounds

Things I felt today:
-His sweaty back
-The pleasureful feeling of not doing yoga for a long time and then doing it again
-Strange after seeing him twice today
-Nothing after all

/sofia who is glad she's doing yoga again