the things that no one else sees

It sucks because he knows I write here and maybe I can't be as honest.
It sucks because there's no way to keep it secret any longer.

But it's amazing because the time spent with him cannot possibly get any better.
Because spending our money on restaurant food and coffee and tea and scones at espresso house or coffee break doesn't even matter.
Because I can't help but be annoying, I'm just so childishly happy when I'm around him.
Because I know he's one of the greatest human beings I'll ever meet.
Because he always eats and drinks everything so annoyingly fast and I tell him every time to stop and enjoy his food and he always answers: "This is the way I enjoy things!".
Because even if we disagree at some points and he can get so stubborn, I can't resist hugging him and lightly whispering nonsense in his ears. "You can't whisper, you're too loud".
Because that little weird laugh he does makes me smile every time he unconsciously does it. And then I remind him of it. And then he does it again.
Because it's 00.02 and I'm laying on my bed, hurting my neck in this uncomfortable position, quite tired and really needing some sleep. And all I could possibly think about was writing about him.

I hope you had a good day x