Silent thoughts in my mind today:

-"All this tea is making me kinda enjoyably sweaty".
-"I really need to get some sleep".
-"Have I lost you Dad? Why do you even dare to say "Heloooo are you there?" NO Dad, you're the one who's not there".
-"Ohhh why is she so beautiful".
-"Cutting your hair was a big mistake".
-"The rain is wonderful when you're sitting inside".
-"I hate leaving my headphones at home and having to listen to that baby cry on the bus".
-"I knew I wouldn't see you as often. I knew it would happen as soon as you told me".
-"I wonder if you know about him".
-"Ahhh why are you throwing banana peals at me?!!!!! You're 20 years old for fucks sake!".
-"I really need to clean my room".
-"I really shouldn't eat that cracker". "Whaevs, 18 calories is nothing nom nomnomnom".
-"I should go to the gym and do some yoga again".
-"A doctors appoitment would also be good".
-"Get your fucking face off facebook sofia paredes, there's nothing on it anyways".
-"Fucking hell, is it really that difficult to make copper sulphate? Screw ensys and everyone in the world".
-"Why cant I be friends with you, too?"
-"Ahhh my legs were skinnier before".

Right now: "hahaha this list is retarded." "but i love writing and i dont wanna do homework"

Please do write down a thought in your mind today, you can always comment anonymously
puss puss

EDIT: heyyy you, quite ones that are too afraid to write an anonymous comment: I want to hear your thoughts too. 


  1. "what am I doing with my life?"

    1. oh yes that's a good one :) at least for me its a bit more like: "why must i do this with my life?"

  2. "I need to stop smoking"

    1. ohhhhh im trying to quit right this second too.
      dont tell dad xx

  3. I love the way you write, please keep on the good work / a fan

    1. i dont know whether i count this as a thought, oh well i guess it is! hehe.
      thank you so very much though, its lovely when i get these lovely responses every once in a while <333

  4. "why i can't say hi to you"

    1. i cant talk to quite many people either


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