pictures i used to be proud of

I spent most of friday and saturday at alexander's bothering his parents and alex himself.
I dont really think we did anything apart from eating his food and talking to each other in his bed.

I didn't want to leave last night. After being with him for 24 hours I start to never want to leave him. But I guess I shouldn't think like that, since school is a priority right now and I need to get stuff done.

I just got out of bed because my neck was starting to hurt from laying down too much.
I've been dreaming quite a lot. I guess it might be the season, I didnt dream at all during the summer.
-Trips to mexico and cousins with cigarettes
-Weird magic schools
-Pokemon battles
-Broken ankles
-Broken knees
-Dad and his new kid
-Dad missing out on a trip and being with us in Mexico
-Strange hospitals

Now I'm off to get some breakfast, hopefully there's something nice in the fridge.

much love,