some nights

Something I wrote/drew/photoshopped about him a while ago.
Sometimes I sit and wonder how some people can be so perfect.
How some are perfect without even trying.

She's amazingly beautiful and has the most lovely voice.

He's quiet but as soon as you hear him talk you can tell he knows a lot.

She is talented in I don't even know how many ways. I've lost track of how many instruments she can play.

She's so goddamn committed and so beautiful too.

He has splendid eyes and the way he plays the piano gives me shivers.

His handwriting is perfect even when he's just scribbling, and even his worst drawings are pieces of art.

The entire universe probably orbits around his hands because of their perfection. At least that's my theory.

His eyes are so honest they can be a little scary to look into.

She must be so strong, having lost so much and still making her way through life.

That amazing voice that she has. It makes me happy as soon as I try to imagine it in my head.

His brutal kindness.

Her fantastic eyes. Ohhhh and her laugh.

The way she makes me laugh every time I see her. And how we still somehow keep in contact.

Her lovely smile and funny jokes.

The strange way in which he was talking today.

His voice and that grey sweater he usually wears.

I think I probably won't remember exactly who I wrote this things about in a while. I hope at least one of you is reading this.