Irish cream

So I've been drinking a lot of tea lately and every time I go up to the kitchen sink, fill up the vattenkokare, close the lid, plug the cable in and let the water boil, I think about you. While the water slowly boils, I take out a big glass (those that cost 5 krs at Ikea and every swedish household has), place the cotton tea-filter over the cup, add far too much tea, wait by the kitchen sink and then think about you again.

I think about you because I started drinking tea again this year at your parents' place. That tea that is never the same but I always love. I think your dad went on about Lundablanding and you said something about some tea that started with the letter D, but to be honest I never really know what I'm drinking, so I just sit there and sip on surprisingly good tea from those blue iittala cups your mom loves.

The tea is usually too hot for me so I wait to drink it and sometimes it happens that we take it into your room and by the time I remember the tea again, two or three hours have passed. And so the tea is cold and the teacups are left behind on top of that black ikea bookshelf next to your bed.

I miss you and its only been a few days.
Tell me I can come over this weekend, so I can drink your Lundablanding or waste it by leaving it on the bookshelf because I'm too busy talking to wonderful you about things that are completely irrelevant because I act stupid when I'm around you.

The pictures are completely irrelevant to the text. I've had these on my computer for a while now so why not show you what my room looks like. In my eyes its perfect, although too messy at the moment. My room is a tiny tiny different now as well.

puss och hej for today