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  1. How did you manage to move from Spain to Sweden, how did you cope with feeling homesick missing friends etc?

  2. sorry for taking forever to reply...
    first of all, the question is pretty weird. maybe you think im from spain? i was born in mexico and only lived 2 years in spain.
    i miss it now, but i dont think i missed it as much when we first moved to sweden. there were too many new things to see, too many new words to learn and a beautiful new culture to experience. i guess it would've been more difficult if i had been older when we lived in spain, i was only 12 then. i think it was more difficult for my older brother, who i think had a horrible time in the beginning, it was difficult making new friends when he was 17 years old.
    after a while, things got really difficult for me though. learning english was a pain and i was really stressed out at some points. i think i used to cry a lot cause i didnt want to learn english and i just wanted to go back to spain and not having to try so hard.
    but i dont think i ever felt homesick, because i've never really had a "homecountry"... and the friends i managed to make in two years weren't the bestest of friends.... also i was put in an international school, where i had no problem making friends since everyone had experienced sort of the same stuff as i had and the people there were extra helpful with learning the language. i mean, i cant believe im writing all this in english now that i think about it, i used to cry about vocabulary test because i couldn't cope with the content only 4 years ago.
    ah i dont know how to answer this question. things get better i guess.


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