I need to write some essay for school and I don't quite know what I need to write or what I should write so I guess I'll just write random things here to feel inspired:

-I was born in mexico, a country where as a woman, you  more or less should/must not have sex before you marry.

-Women who divorce and get a new partner are seen badly by their families. I've never quite understood the reason.

-We used to have big family lunches every sunday at my grandmas house, all my cousins, all my auncles and aunts would be there. The women would all sit in the kitchen and cook, while the men sat outside drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Sometimes they would take care of the grill, because it was the thing the men could do.

-I visited Mexico 2 years ago during christmas time. I remember that me and my mom celebrated the 24th by eating dinner at my aunt's place. When the dinner was over, I remember very clearly, the women stood up and started doing dishes, cleaning the table, serving dessert. The men stood around and watched, joked around even. Not a single one of them did much more than bringing their plates to the kitchen.

-My room was entirely pink when I was little. My brother's was blue. I always wanted to play with the legos and the cars, but my brothers never let me.

-When I was in Mexico 2 years ago, I was asked plenty of times by family members whether my brothers were able to drive a car. When I said that they hadn't even thought about it, they looked surprised. I was never asked whether I could drive a car.

-They also asked over and over again if my brothers had girlfriends. They made fun of them because they didn't.

-My 70 year old grandma cooks every single meal for my 80 year old grandpa.

-Men would open up the windows of their cars and whistle to me and my mom when we walked around the city. They would say awfully rude things. I felt disgusting and not in the least bit eulogized.

-When I was in greece this summer, I entered a shop where one of the employees got a little too close. He made me feel so uncomfortable and went as far as hugging me and kissing me when I told him I needed to go.

-Why the fuck do women need to go through shit like this? We're both human beings, yet some of us are treated like slaves and are even physically/mentally harassed by the other sex.

-Why are we paid less? We can most certainly do as much as any other common man can.

-And why do some women just let men control them? In every way possible? Why must my aunt still have to wash and cook for my 26 year old cousin? When will women like her be able to achieve personal fulfillment?

-[to be continued]

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