In a life

Things in my mind:
-"I'm eating my kanellbulle far too fast but I dont care if everyone seems to be looking because I'm starving"
-The iced coffees at Coffee Break were a bit disappointing, sticking to espresso house next time
-Envelopes might be a new obsession
-I need to get off the computer and do something productive
-I am not a sexual person at ALL
-My mom is very pretty. Like too gorgeous at times
-"Why must I live in dalby........?"
-I can't wait to see the xx (i think im dying a little inside from absolute happiness and joy and whatever other feeling can fit inside my little heart)
-I can't stop buying things online
-I should sign up for the amnesty conference in stockholm
-My dad should be with me more often and give me nice green tea like he used to
-I love word games and I wish I could play word games at all times
-"Sofia control yourself and stop hating everyone, shut up and don't say anything rude"
-"No need to be mean just cause you're randomly in a bad mood"
-"God you are very very very stubborn, and no, health-care is perfectly fine in sweden"
-I should go see whats for dinner and finish writing that letter

puss puss


  1. "I am not a sexual person at ALL"

    It's chill Alexander can compensate for that lack of "sexualness"

    1. jesus christ, no comment on this one....


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