The 7th of October is actually quite a beautiful day. October. Seven.
Just the sound of it makes me happy. Seeing it written, saying it outloud.
And no, it's not simply because it was the day of the year when I celebrate another year of existance.
No, I think the day and the month is just perfect.

I was a bit upset at the beginning, as I usually am. Things get stressful and dad or one of my brothers are usually late to whatever we plan. But then dad came in to the hotel where we decided to have brunch, with lovely yellow roses and a big smile on his face. Two kisses, one on each cheek and then it was all quite okay.

My mom was so beautiful and polite and nice the whole day and her hugs last night at 00.00 were more than enough.

One of my brothers showed up with a cut hand, stitches and still slightly drunk from last nights partying, but he was still lovely and gave me a lovely card and a subscription to an amazing mazagine.
The other brother woke up early and actually got nicely dressed and forgave a debt I had with him as his gift. Which I very much appreciated.

That was what the 6210th day of my life was like.



  1. happy birthday love. you look really beautifull at the last picture.

  2. Thank you Yorien! You're lovely x


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