yellow roses


I kept telling myself I need to stop smoking
I made this amazing nutella pizza
I liked you laugh
I was mad at her as usual
I saw some lovely trees in lund
I noticed how I really can't do with out you
I wanted to cry
I didn't hold your hand
I looked in my mailbox to see them same old magazine no one has bothered to take out
I saw mismatched green shoes
I burnt my finger and it's still hurting
I had paint on my nose, chest and all over my hands
I realized I would love to have my hands covered in paint all the time
I am thinking about you
I don't know.


The xx



  1. Falling in love with you more and more every post I read. You are an amazing person. XO

    1. What type of falling in love?

      I read this earlier today, but I didn't get the chance to answer till now. Thank you was what I wanted to say, I'm glad someone other than me (and probably my dad) reads this and enjoys it. Have a lovely day! x

    2. The type of falling in love with your personality without knowing you. I actually didn't know it was possible.

  2. Oh gosh today I've had a pretty bad day and this definitely brightened it up. And by the way its definitely possible! Although I don't see how you would, it is appreciated it though. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. but from your perfect writing and punctuation I could definitely fall in love with you too stranger, i swear.


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