I just read a very very very bad excuse to why abortion should not be legal.
NO, abortion is not the same thing as murder. lol what, you cant compare those two.

A little girl who has been raped and is now pregnant at the age of, lets say, fourteen is NOT becoming a murderer by getting an abortion. She's making a choice in her life, she's giving herself a fucking childhood.

You probably think abortion is bad because you're raised in a country where they make you believe it's bad. Now, imagine you got pregnant tomorrow... You wouldn't be able to deal with it; not socially, not mentally and maybe not even physically. So don't complain without putting yourself in that situation. Don't talk as if you are the one who decides whether no one should have the right to have an abortion. Do not.

Yes, having an abortion is a horrible thing to do. It's also an extremely difficult thing to deal with for the woman/girl/child involved, painful at times too. But I think that it's about making the right choice and about what is best for the mother and the unborn child.

And if you're for abortion; great. I don't mind. But please, don't go around pushing your ideas down other people's throats cause they might not think the same way as you do and all your arguments can't possibly be right.

Also, maybe people shouldn't focus so much on whether abortion should be legal or not, but more on educating people about rape, contraceptives and sex at a young age.

/angry s

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