moths in trains and water

Theres bread crumbs on my phone and a little message saying limited service.
I've eaten two crackers with avocado and ham for breakfast as well as a glass of minimjölk.
I'm moving to a bigger city next week, a nice apartment with white walls.
Our current place is dirty and messy and I cannot wait to get the fuck out of here.
I think I've cried a lot in this place, felt lonely and didn't sleep at times because of the pain in my chest.
My mom, my dad, my brothers, him, dad's wife, fred... ahh so many people  have made me cry in this house.

The train was packed last night. I had to stand because the train was so full and there was a white moth flying between us, the standing passangers by the doors of the train. I couldn't help but smile at it. Why was there a moth inside the train?

I need to write chaos back a letter.
I need to do all my homework.
I need to watch true blood.
I need to go to the gym and work out.
I need to book our hotel in göteborg.
I need to start putting everything in boxes.
I need to drink more water.

Have a lovely week  xxx