I like to think about the best moments with him, the moments where we do absolutely nothing. When sometimes nothing turns into us falling asleep.
Then I wake up because my hand has been on his cheek for too long and I can't really feel it anymore.
Sometimes nothing turns into stupid tickling fights where I always lose.

I can't imagine the number of hours we have spent in bed, for the past 4 months and a half, doing absolutely nothing. I'd say they've been the best moments.

It's funny how I used to write about him some months before anything happened and now he's entirely mine (half, okay, okay). How I can write about things that have happened when we are together, not simply about things that I used to observe about him. I used to like his shirts, the way his eyes looked when he laughed and how he'd always smell so good. Now I like holding his strong hands and going to espresso house and sitting on the same spot for a couple of hours every time.



  1. I love this. New love is the best. & I'm so glad I still feel like this about my "him" 4+ years down the line. & that we still waste just as much time in bed.

    1. Hehe sometimes it feels like it's all I can write about nowadays xx


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