i fought the love

I'm sitting in his living-room.
My arms and feet are cold.
The floor is even colder.

He bends down, takes the little wooden piece that opens the fire place.
He blows in it and sticks a new piece of wood in.


He then came towards me and sat next to me so I quickly closed this window and continued to play that game I like on his computer. It's now 2 or so hours later and I'm sitting in my living room eating chocolates from IKEA and watching a supposedly good film with my brother. My arms and feet are still cold, even here at home.

The last few days have been pretty nice. We walked around göteborg eating cheeseburgers and sharing a strawberry milkshake. We saw the xx and I sang along to every song. And then we ate mcdonalds again. We drank coca-cola in the hotel room and fell asleep quite early. We ate spicy sausages and I tried a french hot-dog for the first time. We stupidly argued about who got to be on the window seat on the bus. I gave it up in the end.

It felt like a weekend, but it's actually only friday tomorrow.