surveys and boxes and sushi and socks

why are you all so quiet nowadays?
before i used to get a couple of comments every once in a while and so on and so forth
it'd be nice if i got to hear your anonymous voices again
what have you been thinking about lately?
who have you been thinking about lately?

i have been very very tired this week
school has been alright but my sleeping schedule is fucked up
irrelevant but whatever

im moving to malmö next friday
and tomorrow we're going to ikea to look for new furniture
and to netonnet to buy a new big tv...
new life, new tv, new kitchen, new malmö, new gym... so much new.

i do hope some things stay the same
i hope i can still smoke out of a window every once in a while, without disturbing anyone
wait no thats not true! i dont smoke guys!!

my older brother, mom and myself are sitting in the living room
not really doing much

my mom is tickling me with her feet as she talks to stephan on the phone
"maie, me estas haciendo cosquillas con tus pies" "mmmmmm... ja ja ja"

my older brother has fallen asleep on the couch infront of me
he's sleeping in a weird position
im sure his neck will hurt a lot when he wakes up

there's boxes everywhere and the place looks messy
i miss alexander
why must you go to dåååjueebrooohh?

my feet are on the living room table
they're starting to tingle, little blood is running to them

nearly 20,000 visitors on this cute little page
thanks everyone

i like fridays like this one


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