well i dont wanna wake up in the morning but ive got to face the day

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Got back from town a little while ago.
Had thai with my brothers and my mother and then coffee and cake at my brother's place.
It was all so wonderful. I love them all so unbelievably much.

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I haven't studied, even if I have a trillion tests next week that I can't fail. I don't have the energy to study now, so I'm going to finish watching the first season of Game of thrones (klasndfkasd its so good) and then sleep.

Tomorrow = Math, Business and shit Ensys.

My back hurts.
I wish I got to visit mexico.
I need to wash my face.
Sometimes I want time to go by faster.
Sometimes I think time goes by way too fast.
I should stop thinking about you.
I can't play any more music on Spotify.
I need to learn swedish.
My mother is amazing.
I should dress better.

Good night x