Twenty-three past twelve

I love you so unbelievably much.
But sometimes the way you treat me makes me die a little inside.
I asked you nicely to help me out. But I didn't understand, so you became annoyed and treated me like shit.
There have been times where you only talk about yourself and I sit there wondering whether you will actually ask how I'm doing.
I want you to listen to me more often.
I want you to ask me how my day was, before I even get to ask you.
I need you to be more understanding.
I need your help.
I want your help.
I need you to never leave me.
I want you to understand how you can easily make me cry if you treat me badly.
Because you're one of those people who I will love forever, no matter what. And when you treat me like this,
I feel awful,
mentally and physically.
Please, Mom?