lead and pencils

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So today was lovely.
Started off tired and a bit grumpy.
But then I got to school and I got a little happier.

Had a couple of pointless lessons,
but enjoyed the company of others.
You were there too.

I think I keep dreaming about you,
or falling asleep to thoughts of you.
Because whenever I wake up,
you're part of
the first things that come to my mind.

I'm sitting in my kitchen,
drinking a Chocolate
And biting on a little Kex Choklad.

A couple of hours ago,
I expected to eat kebab with my dad
and brother.
But ended up at a fancy restaurant
with a tasty dinner.

I stole a book today
as well.
From a fridge,
from my school.

Today has been a good day.
Staying up a little longer,
to study and hopefully,
not fail.

Love love xx