I think I still remember 2000. I remember how it was so special, beginning the new millennium, how everyone in my big family was so excited about it and I was too.
Well, its been 13 years since that day. And this year's was good, too.

I started the night in the wrong place. I should've spent the entire evening with people I love and enjoy their company, not with people I've never met before. Oh well... Luckily I ended up in the right place, with the right people.

At 00.00, I got the same feeling as last year. A strange over whelming sensation all over my body. But this time I was happy, looking up to the fireworks, thinking about how it was all the complete opposite last year.

I ended the night by walking home from the train, meeting a random creepy guy who wanted to follow me home but finally fucked off. I smoked my last cigarette in the ugly back garden and then went up to our apartment.

This morning, my room smelled of fake green apples.


Oh and happy new year! I hope this year is a good one for you and everyone you love! xxx