Sometimes I hate it as soon as I get on the machine. Time goes by much slower and it feels like it will never end.
Once I'm off, tired, sweaty, out of breath, more or less half dying, it feels great. I feel accomplished  successful, motivated, committed, euphoric and everything else positive you can think of.
And I'm starting to see the small changes. Two weeks ago I couldn't quite do certain things that I did yesterday. My yoga is starting to get better and I can push myself further every day.
And it's when I start to see the results of my hard work that I want to keep going. Keep going till I see my life changing and love the way I look.
I usually lay in bed waiting to fall asleep so a new day can begin and I can have a healthy breakfast, walk to the train, be at school, eat a balanced lunch, walk home from the train and then finally work-out. It's fun, it really is.
Ahhhhh I love my life as it is. School is a pain in the butt, but so is everything else if you look at the negative aspects of it. I want good grades and I'm going to get them. I want to be healthy and fit and I will be it. I can, I will and I have already started, so why stop now?

Hahahah sorry for the very unusual motivated sofia speech-to-myself sort of thing. I'm just quite happy right now.



  1. Im glad you're happy :)

  2. Hey, i saw what you posted on my blog - of course we can do it in english, where are you from? since you wrote to me in swedish I mean :)

    / Elsa, www.fredagsfilosofi.blogg.se

  3. I'm happy too you're happy. You deserve it guuuuurl :)


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